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Three-Phase Oilwell Motor Controllers

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The people behind Willett Manufacturing have been involved with Oilfield Phase Conversion since the beginning. Because of this, we appreciate the need for dependable and adaptable products. Commitment to quality and the desire to meet the specialized needs of our customers has lead to Willett Manufacturing becoming a leader in oilfield phase conversion. In the oilfield, Willett is known for quality.

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Willett Three-Phase Oilwell Motor Controllers are fully protective devices used to operate three-phase motors on three-phase power.



Model Number

Horse Power Height Width Depth Weight (lbs.)

Fusible Type

Breaker Type

OCGBF15 OCGBB15 5 20 16 8 50
OCGCF30 OCGCB30 10 24 16 8 50
OCGDF60 OCGDB50 25 24 20 8 50
OCGEF100 OCGEB100 50 30 24 8 70
OCGFF200 OCGFB200 100 36 30 8 100
ROCGBF15 ROCGBB15 5 24 12 8 40

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  • Lightning Protection.
  • Fusible or Breaker Overcurrent Protection.
  • Magnetic Starter with Overload Protection.
  • Automatic Time Delay after Power Failure.
  • Manual Overload Reset
  • Hand-Off-Auto Selector
  • Fused Low Voltage (120V) Control Circuitry
  • Terminal Block for Capacitors and Pressure Controls
  • Pole Mount or Panel Mount Enclosure
  • High Temperature Wiring
  • Interior and Exterior Grounding Lugs
  • Available in 240, 480, and 600 VAC Models
  • Disconnect Handle (Through the door).
  • Manual Overload Reset (Through the door).
  • Hand-Off-Auto Selector (Through the door).
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  • Phase Failure/Reversal Relay
  • Programmable Electric Time Clock.
  • Motor Saver.
  • Ground Fault Indicator Lights.
  • Heat Tape Plug.
  • Weatherproof, Oil and Dust tight Enclosures.
  • Lockout Pressure Controls.
  • Thermistor Relay Control.
  • Discount for units purchased without Automatic Time Delay.


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