Combination Phase Converter/Motor Controller Phase Conversion Systems

Willett Manufacturing Ltd. is a pioneer in oilfield phase conversion. We developed our Combination Phase Converter to provide dependability under the harshest conditions.

The combination Phase Converter/Motor Controller is ideally suited for pump jack applications. The converter enables single-phase power to operate any type of three-phase motor regardless of horsepower and speed, and under continuous or intermittent duty. Torque comparable to those of three-phase motors on three-phase lines is achieved using this conversion method.

Irrigation pumps, Oilfield recycling pumps, and Salt-water disposals are other applications that use a Combination Phase Converter/Motor Controller.

Why use Electricity?

Power remains the least expensive and most efficient form of energy. The cost of total electrification is less than the cost of the gas motor that would be used in this application.

Electricity also allows for a far more desirable type of motor. The simple construction of the three-phase motor reduces your maintenance cost and downtime considerably. It also provides you with a host of new control options, such as limit, pressure and vibration switches, as well as automatic – timed, programmable controls, etc.

Why use the Converter/Motor Controller Combination?

Three-phase motors are simpler in construction, therefore less costly, and more efficient and maintenance free than their single-phase counterparts. More importantly, single-phase motors do not develop the starting torque required for oilwell pumping use. The CEMA design D 480VAC triple horsepower rated TEFC three-phase motor is designed with high starting torque and high slip for the oilfield application.

Single-phase is a common power source.  If this is currently available to you, conversion removes the necessity of running and maintaining a costly three-phase distribution network.

230-240 Volt   Model Number Maximum Horsepower 460-480 Volt   Model Number Maximum Horsepower
CBPCC24003 3 CBPCC48005 5
DBPCC24008 7.5 DBPCC48010 10
EBPCC24010 10 EBPCC48020 20
FCPCC24015 15 EBPCC48025 25
FCPCC24020 20 EBPCC48030 30
FCPCC24030 30 FCPCC48040 40
GCPCC24040 40 FCPCC48050 50
HCPCC24060 60 FCPCC48060 60
RPCC24003 Recycle
GCPCC48075 75
HCPCC480100 100
RPCC48005 Recycle Pump