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About Willett Manufacturing Ltd.

Willett Manufacturing is located in Estevan Saskatchewan, Canada. We started manufacturing phase converters and related products in 1972. The roots of Willett Manufacturing lie firmly in the field of phase conversion. Our involvement started with Duce Electric, a service company that introduced electrical conversion to the oilfield in southern Saskatchewan. Since then, our experience, dependability, and service have lead to steady growth and the evolution into the manufacturing of our own quality products. It’s reassuring to know that when you purchase a Willett phase conversion product, you’re purchasing from a company thats been around since the beginning.

Single Phase Motors

Single Phase motors operate on a single-phase power supply. They are restricted in size because of the high inrush currents required for their starting which cause power line disturbances. This affects the service of other line customers, and suppliers apply single-phase motor size restrictions. Although single-phase is the most common source of power, single-phase motors over 3 HP are uncommon.

Three Phase Motors

Three-phase motors, often in conjunction with phase converters, can provide an efficient, cost effective, compact and dependable source of power as compared to gas engines, and most single-phase motors. While single-phase motors are limited in size to ten horsepower, three-phase motors come in a variety of sizes, which enable them to satisfy a greater scope of applications. Three-phase motors are smaller, lighter, and generally less expensive than single-phase motors. Unlike single-phase and gas motors the three-phase motor can be easily reversed. They are readily available, and their simple construction requires less service and maintenance.

Phasor Phase Converter

The Phasor is a static phase converter, which makes it possible to operate three phase motors from single-phase power lines. It is called a static converter, as it has no moving parts other than switching relays that operate the starting cycle. The Phasor is ideally suited for single motor use. When selecting static converters, be aware that two thirds of the rated horsepower of the matched motor and converter is produced.

RotaDyne Phase Converter

The RotaDyne phase converter provides optimum efficiency when converting three phase power from a single-phase source, and is much more versatile than a static converter. Motors operate at rated capacity and you can operate virtually any number of motors working individually or simultaneously. The RotaDyne ensures that three phase motors operate at their normal efficiencies regardless of frequent starts, reversing, and varying or variable speeds. Motors can vary in size within the limits of the converter.

Combination Phase Converter-Motor Controller

The Combination Phase Converter-Motor Controller is designed for such applications as pump-jacks, irrigation pumps, oilfield recycling pumps, and saltwater disposals. The combination allows single-phase power to operate any type of three-phase motor regardless of horsepower and speed, and under continuous or intermittent duty. When selecting static converters, be aware that two thirds of the rated horsepower of the matched motor and converter is produced.

Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Power Factor Correction Capacitors were designed to upgrade the efficiency of existing power systems. They provide an inexpensive way to reduce demand and increase efficiency of the motor load.  Power Factor Correction Capacitors represent a reduction in operational costs that cause them to be a popular product with low voltage, small and medium power installations.

Motor Controllers

Willett Three-Phase Oilwell Motor Controllers are fully protective devices used to operate three-phase motors on three-phase power.
Features and options include Lighting Arrestors, phase failure relays and random restart timers, etc.

Custom Panels

Custom Control Panels:   Willett provides a comprehensive selection of Custom Control Panels. We offer anything from combination starters and relay panels to complete turnkey systems for major projects such as control room operation for Power Generating Stations.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC):    Willett can provide you with Programmable Controllers regardless of your sizing needs. We represent all major manufacturers of PLCs.

Transformer Panels:  Transformer Panels are used primarily in oilfield applications. They represent savings in time and money as the pre-installation of Discrete Devices removes the need for an electrical technician and further on-site installations.  Units consist of the main breaker, multiple tap transformer, secondary overcurrent protection, and weatherproof receptacles.

Motor Control Centers

Willett is a factory-authorized integrator of Motor Control Centers.

Cathodic Protection Rectifier

The Willett Cathodic Protection Rectifier is a light, rugged, one-piece aluminum enclosure with a removable back panel that provides corrosion protection by way of sacrifical anodes. Features include universal pole or wall mount; continuous reading internally shunted Ammeter and voltage meter; lightning arrestors on A.C. input; M.O.V. type surge protection on D.C. output; magnetic trip circuit breaker and fuse provide overcurrent and short circuit protection.

Soft Start Controllers

Willett Manufacturing represents all major manufacturers of Soft Starters and can integrate them into MCC’s or Control Panels.

Variable Speed Drives

Willett Manufacturing represents all major manufacturers of Variable Speed Drives and can integrate them into MCC’s or control panels.


Special Phasor-Motor Controller systems can be used for the operation of irrigation pumps. Special control panels with hot or cold metering are also available.

CNC Applications

Computer Numerically Controlled equipment requires a strong starting torque and special voltage tolerances. Willett can provide the phase converter to meet the needs of your operation.

Additional Products

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* Starting and running capacitors are also available