Willett Manufacturing Ltd. offers a variety of panels to meet your specifications.

Custom Control Panels:   Willett provides a comprehensive selection of Custom Control Panels. We offer anything from combination starters and relay panels to complete turnkey systems for major projects such as control room operation for Power Generating Stations.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC):    Willett can provide you with Programmable Controllers regardless of your sizing needs. We represent all major manufacturers of PLC’s.

Transformer Panels:  Transformer Panels are used primarily in oilfield applications. They represent savings in time and money as the pre-installation of Discrete Devices removes the need for an electrical technician and further on-site installations. Units consist of the main breaker, multiple tap transformer, secondary overcurrent protection, and weatherproof receptacles.

Transformer Panels:

Transformer Panels are 480 Volt, Single Phase, and 60 Cycle.

Consists of main breaker, 480 Volt – 120/240V transformer, weatherproof duplex receptacle and branch breakers or fuses, and CEMA 3 enclosures.

Contact the factory with your requirements or for technical information and pricing.